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Over the past 15 years, Austin Dunne has worked with groups and with people on a one to one basis through Life Coaching. One crucial thing he noticed was that regardless of a person’s needs, there were very few places one could go to deal with both a mindful issue and physical problem under one roof. As such, in the final months of 2016 we welcomed onboard a number of therapists in a range of fields, and, as of January 2017 we have opened our new therapy centre on the main street of Celbridge. Of course, growing larger wouldn’t be important if we didn’t stay true to our core goal: Offering therapies to ensure you’re living the best life you possibly can.

Your Health is Your Happiness 

Meet Your Guides to Deep Health

Garreth Sterio, GPX Rail
The therapy itself, is very different to conventional practices, in particular where there is no pain suffered during the session. With the lightest of touches and after a number of weeks, the pain in my back receded dramatically. I have been very happy with the results and thus have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone who has discomfort or pain in their back
Niall Hehir, Building Matters
I recently has used Stephen Dunne of Deep Health Wellness Centre services as I was having some back trouble. I immediately felt the benefit from his treatment and would recommend him to anyone. His knowledge and understand of this bespoke profession really opened my eyes to how the body functions and the flow of energies that lies within
Hilda Shannon, Shannon Business Services
I recently attended Stephen in connection to a back pain that I have been suffering with for many years. Stephen put me at ease as soon as I arrived. the treatment seemed very simple but I could feel the benefits of it the very next day. After 3 sessions with Stephen I no longer have any pain. This amazed and astonished me as I have been to various physiotherapists over the years with no success
Jeremy Callan, Systems Engineer
Through the various therapies that Stephen practices, I can now say that my pain is vast reduced. I went from feeling some form of pain in my leg, arm and shoulder on a daily basis, to only a mild pain on a less than weekly basis. I whole-hardheartedly recommend Stephen Dunne to anyone. He is professional, considerate and attentive to your needs and requirements
Yvonne Gordon, Virgo's Hair SalonVirgo's Hair Salon
Stephen used gentle movements and used different techniques fro my shoulder problem. I got great results and the pain became less and less. I found the experience totally relaxing and effective.I would recommend Stephen to people who need back, shoulder, repetitive strain to try his therapies
Naomi Meehan, Amazon OSLAmazon OSL
My Hip and Leg had been troubling me for years as a result of a fall in 2011. From the moment I stepped into his office Stephen Made me feel totally at ease. After three sessions I can honestly say that constant pain and stiffness that had restricted my movement and caused me discomfort in recent times has eased considerably
Michael Carey, Cardoon BuildersCardoon Builders
I have to physiotherapy with this back problem and although they could locate where the dama ge was, it wasn't getting better. So I went to Stephen (in the Deep Health Wellness Centre),he has a total different approach and after 6 sessions, my back was much better, the best it had been in years
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Austin Dunne

Business/Life Coach, Motivational Trainer

Training, guidance and coaching with direction and purpose is how Austin has been described by many of his clients and groups which have benefited from his unique style.

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Steven Dunne

Holistic Medicine Therapist

Steven has been studying holistic medicine for over 12 years and joins the centre with a wealth of experience in approaching a client's physical ailment from a variety of different therapeutic perspectives.

A deep approach to health. Phone (01) 504-7425 to find your inner calm today.

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