How Can Holistic Treatment Help Work Related Stress?

By Deep Health

Anyone who has ever had a job can relate to the problem of workplace stress. You may love the job that you do but that doesn’t make you immune to it. It’s part of the human condition and it just so happens the workplace is probably one of the most stressful environments out there.

All jobs can have stressful elements. Short-term stress can be evoked by fast deadlines required or if you are in over your head with a task given. To some degree we can manage stress but if stress becomes chronic this can be highly overwhelming and be damaging to your physical and emotional health.

And in today’s ever increasing fast-paced environment unfortunately chronic stress is all too common. A factor ever-present in the Irish workplace. The prolonged anxiety created can pose a serious threat to mental health, heart conditions and even absenteeism.

A recent EU-wide study conducted by ESRI found that work related stress in Ireland more than doubled within a five-year period. From 8% in 2010 to 17% in 2015. The employees surveyed were considered as suffering from job stress if they reported to experience workplace stress “always” or “most of the time”.

What Are The Main Stressors In Work?

There are several reasons why a person would be stressed in their job, both in the short and long-term.

High emotional demands where an employee has to hide their emotions or deal with an angry client or customer contributes to workplace stress.

Tight and continuous deadlines is another factor resulting in stress in the workplace. The constant pressure of working fast and efficiently to a set time can really get to employees. Those experiencing high levels of time pressure are more likely to be stressed.

Employees exposed to bullying, harassment, violence or discrimination are eight times more likely to experience stress over those who are not exposed.

Long working hours also lead to stress, with those working over 40 hours per week being twice as likely to experience job stress as those working 36 to 40 hours.

Holistic Treatment For Stress

One of the most effective ways of managing stress is through holistic treatment. The word “holistic” derives from the Greek word holos, meaning “entire” or “all”.

In terms of workplace stress, the holistic healing approach takes into account a person as a whole. The treatment keeps all the various forms of stress in check, from the physical to the emotional and mental to spiritual.

Taking a holistic approach to stress brings full self-awareness to the sufferer. The practice is designed to help manage and alleviate chronic and prolonged stress by bringing to light the answers you have hidden away inside to the forefront.

By being wholly self-aware we can realise what the stress relievers are and what works for us. Sometimes stress becomes so ingrained we think it’s a part of our everyday personality when it’s not.

By alleviating stress in one area of the body a holistic practitioner can provide a positive impact to all levels, creating a healthier and happier you.

Holistic Treatments We Offer

As part of a holistic pain management plan with the Deep Health Wellness Centre we will consult with you on the best fit for your stress relief.

Some of our holistic treatments include:

– Acupressure

– Tui Na Massage

– Pranic Healing

– Pranic Psychotherapy 

Got more questions on how holistic treatment can help your work-related stress? Drop us a line on 01 504 7425 today.