Stuck In A Rut? You Might Need A Life Coach

By Deep Health

Are you in a bit of a muddle? Are you at a point in your life where you don’t exactly know where you’re going and you feel lost? That’s ok, we all hit crossroads. Life is a series of ups and downs and when things get particularly confusing or complicated it’s perfectly natural to ask for help, in fact it’s advisable.

Life Coaching, What It Is & What It Is Not

If you do hit a crossroads in your life and you need some help life coaching exists as an option to get you back on track.

Whether it is for professional, personal or social goals life coaching can channel your inner wisdom and make you see the light.

Life coaching isn’t counselling or therapy. Whereas counselling can focus on the past and how it ties in with the present, life coaching focuses around the present and how you can tap into your potential to make that future you want a possibility.

What can a life coach help you with?

A life coach can help you with many things. One such thing is with job interviews. Want to build up your experience and be prepared? A life coach can mentor you in how to approach an interview and get you in the right frame of mind.

Arguments, bullying, the breakdown of a relationship? There are times when your self-esteem can be affected in a negative way. A life coach can help you with rebuilding your inner confidence by motivating you to rediscover your confidence and be kinder to yourself.

Maybe you have a speech to write for a wedding or another big event and you’re stuck for words. A life coach can even help you put together this.

How Long Does One Typically Go To A Life Coach For?

The average amount of time people spend having one-on-one mentoring with a life coach is between three to six months.

If a single session with a life coach doesn’t work for you then there’s no obligation to keep going. However, be advised that sometimes it takes a while to see progress so give it a chance. Typically, a person sees a life coach on a month-by-month basis.

We may know the answers of what we should be doing to get ourselves out of a rut but it’s not always the case that we follow our own knowledge and advice. Put it this way, sometimes we’re great at giving advice to friends or family but do we always follow our own advice? Sound familiar?

A life coach teaches you the information to further your goals and also provides the tools to bring about these changes. A life coach acts as support and mentoring when you need it most to help you along the way in your life.

Where Can You Find A Life Coach?

Here at the Deep Health Wellness Centre in Celbridge, County Kildare we understand that life has its challenges. We understand that you might not always have the answers and simply put, we just want to help, we want to help you to achieve your full potential and be in the best state of mind you can be.

To find out how our life coaching services can transform your mind set and put you on the right track call us on (01) 504-7425 or email us at